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    Schickedanz Design Studio

    An authentic, well-considered brand identity extends your impact. We make sure our clients’ public faces match the amazing work they’re doing behind the scenes. We’ll help craft your words and visuals, from brand identity to website to illustration – so the public can see your true colours. We help do-gooders do better through great design.

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    Webalite is a proud Member of the Sustainable Business Network. Webalite is a HubSpot Certified Partner Agency based in Wellington. Webalite was formed in 2008 and has completed hundreds of projects around the world for businesses, government and charities including the Sustainable Business Network and Million Metres Streams.

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    Flying Saucer Productions

    Flying Saucer is a video, photography and Virtual Reality Production Company. Since 2007 we have been making award winning work for businesses and organisations across New Zealand. Driven by a team of good, honest, creative folk, with a reputation for delivering fantastic results across every project. We are specifically interested in helping market companies who are making change for good Read more [...]

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    Chorus NZ Ltd

    Chorus is New Zealand’s largest telecommunications utility company. We maintain and build a network made up of local telephone exchanges, cabinets and copper and fibre cables. Around 1.8 million lines are connected to homes and businesses throughout the country. It’s an open network. We work with many different phone and internet providers to give access to our network and develop Read more [...]

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