Anne Gummer

Million Metres Fundraising Communicator

Anne is responsible for getting the word out there about Million Metres and inspiring people to get involved. Anne has lived most of her life in Auckland and sees enjoying and looking after the bush, streams, and hills of the city as an integral part of her life.

Before coming to Million Metres/SBN, Anne was working for a French language and cultural centre where she was in charge of graphic design, communications and explaining the peculiarities of Kiwi culture to her French workmates. Previously Anne was involved in a number of sustainable transport initiatives including work for the national advocacy organisation Cycling Action Network, Bike Auckland and grassroots community organisation ‘Slower and Less Traffic’. She has a degree in Political Studies and English, and a post-graduate qualification in Development Studies.

In her spare time Anne most enjoys bike ride adventures with her family, having fun with friends, and sometimes taking the time to do nothing at all.