Report: Business Opportunities for a Sustainable NZ

“Business Opportunities for a Sustainable New Zealand” summarises the business opportunities identified by hundreds of organisations, large and small, in smart transport, social value, the circular economy and restorative food.

In 2014 the Sustainable Business Network embarked on a new course of work in collaboration with many diverse organisations to help bring about a better business future for New Zealand.

‘Business Opportunities for a Sustainable NZ’ represents the collective work of hundreds of individuals and organisations who have participated with us in events, workshops and surveys. This report identifies pioneering business opportunities that have the potential to shift markets onto a more sustainable path.

The next step will be to unlock the potential of these opportunities through engagement and collaboration with businesses, individuals and other organisations. We invite you to engage with us – whether your interest lies in transport, food, social value, the circular economy, or a combination, we’d love you to join us.

Download Business Opportunities for a Sustainable NZ.