SBN Labs

The SBN LABS are a series of practical half-day workshops over six months where businesses are trained in design methods and business model tools through prototyping new products to market. The objective is to gain higher market traction for their sustainable solutions, which we need at scale in New Zealand.

We have created the LABs in partnership with DNA, a leading customer experience design firm.

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Session 1: Business Models

In this session we will use a proven business model tool to map the ‘architecture of value’ of your current products or services.

Session 2: Value Proposition

This session will involve deeper analysis of the value your products and services offer to market,and the assumptions these offerings hold of your customers.

Session 3: Validation

In this session we will focus on the riskiest assumptions that your offerings are based on, then using appropriate design methods define simple experiments we can run to test these assumptions.

Session 4: Experiment 1

In this session we will be using appropriate design methods to run experiments that identify opportunities, and develop your products or services.

Session 5: Experiment 2

Building on the previous session, we will review the development of your projects and use appropriate design methods to continue to run experiments that define new opportunities, and develop your products or services.

Session 6: Experiment 3

In this session we will review and build on your progress to ensure that your product or service is robust to compete in the marketplace.

For more information or to sign up to the LABS contact Matt Ayers

“Along with product and process innovation, we urgently need to make fundamental changes to business models – and the systems that support them – to meet our current and future sustainability challenges. Companies have the opportunity to use their unique foresight and influence to improve their own competitive positions and lead the way to better business models for others.” – Ryan Whisnant, SustainAbility