SBN Investor Logo

Are you an SBN Investor and want to display our investor logo?

If you would like the use of our investor logo please read over the terms and conditions listed below and email letting us know that you agree with the terms and conditions.  We will then email you a copy of the logo for your use.

Use of SBN Investor Logo

Sustainable Business Network investors are provided with a specific Investor logo for use on their websites, emails and printed material to demonstrate their commitment to working towards sustainable best practice.

The Sustainable Business Network investor logo may not be reproduced, except in exceptional circumstances with our express written permission.

Disclaimer and Permitted Use

SBN does not endorse any of its investors, or their products or services, and use of the SBN Investor logo to indicate otherwise, either expressly or by implication, is prohibited. SBN reserves the right to withdraw use of the investor logo at its discretion.

If permission to use the investor logo is withdrawn as a result of a breach of these terms and conditions, it shall take effect immediately and stocks of materials bearing our name and logo shall be forthwith withdrawn from distribution at your expense. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you acknowledge that this is reasonable in order to safeguard our rights. If permission is withdrawn for other reasons, we shall give you a period of two calendar months’ notice. No expenses will be covered by SBN.

Investors are permitted to use the Investor logo only whilst their investment remains current and fully paid. Should this cease to be the case, it is the responsibility of the organisation to immediately cease displaying the Investor logo at their expense.

The use of the logo is specific to investor sites and where the logo is used on a corporate website, care should be taken to identify only investor sites with the Investor logo.

Use of this logo is restricted to Sustainable Business Network investors only.

Use of the logo is to demonstrate investment, and can be used on marketing collateral including websites, email signatures, brochures, sustainability reports and newsletters.

Use of the logo in advertising material must be signed off by SBN first – contact

SBN does not endorse products or product ranges. Investment is not a certification, therefore placement on products is strictly forbidden.

Investor Logo Display Requirements

SBN’s name and logo may be used only in accordance with the SBN Design Standards Manual.  This design standards manual will assist designers with the correct usage of the logo, as well as the colour palette and font. SBN-Standards-web

The logo should appear exactly as in the approved code or images provided by the SBN. No alterations are permissible.

The electronic logo should be hyperlinked to  and failure to fulfill this requirement may result in withdrawal of permission to use the logo.

We may request that samples of all items featuring our name and logo are sent for approval before being made publicly available. Any inappropriate use of, or reference to, our name and logo, as determined by us, must be corrected at your expense before approval will be given.