Smart Procurement

Helping New Zealand businesses confidently and consistently practise sustainable procurement, creating value for the economy, society and environment.


The function of procurement is shifting from minimising costs to maximising value.

What is Sustainable Procurement?

This is a mature approach to procurement. It takes a strategic approach to the purchasing of goods and services. It accounts for all the risks and impacts involved, especially in complex supply chains. It also accounts for the value created from every dollar spent. It enables procurement to contribute more to a company’s purpose, and beyond – enhancing this country’s vitality and long-term resilience.

Why is it important to your business?

The net impact of businesses on the world we share is coming under increasing scrutiny. This exposes businesses that are careless about procurement to increased reputation risk. But it also offers opportunities for a (values-driven) ethically-based competitive advantage.

What are we doing?

Between 2015 and 2019 the Sustainable Business Network convened procurers and suppliers to identify the way forward for sustainability in NZ procurement. This work drew on the expertise of many SBN members. We have created a series of resources, which are available to download.



Diagnosing Barriers and Opportunities for Sustainable Procurement within NZ Business

Why isn’t sustainable procurement in full flight in NZ? SBN conducted a thorough process to identify the existing barriers and opportunities.

Procurement Process Guide: Sustainability Themes and Entry Points

Most medium to large organisations follow a version of the well-known procurement process, with its six or seven steps. But although sustainability is relevant at each stage, buyers don’t always know what they should be asking. This guide gives you what you need to know to embed sustainability within your practices.

Social procurement: What NZ Businesses Need to Know

This brief introduces the concept of social value and explains how an organisation can directly and deliberately address both its own and wider society’s social challenges through its procurement.

Modern Slavery: What NZ Businesses Need to Know

This brief is a business guide to Modern Slavery, illustrating where it exists – including in contemporary NZ – and outlines why and how NZ businesses can be proactive in protecting their supply chains and reputations.

The Smart Procurement Guide to Waste Services

Procuring without in-depth knowledge of an industry creates risks to your organisation and leaves opportunities untapped. This guide is part of a series of industry-specific advice to inform your due diligence.

A Sustainability Question Bank for Procurers

A resource produced by the Smart Procurement initiative of the Sustainable Business Network.

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