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A 'restorative' success story: Green Drop

Wondering where you can find organic wines, beers and spirits in New Zealand? Green Drop, NZ’s only organic alcohol distributor, is the solution.

New SBN member Green Drop is the only liquor distributor in New Zealand that specialises in certified organic products. Offering a range of wines, beers and spirits from independent boutique producers, Green Drop is your ‘one stop’ supplier for your premium organic liquor needs.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of the development of the certified organic liquor market in New Zealand. Our specialised activity has allowed us to develop true expertise in regards to organic liquor and the fast-growing market,” says Loic Parola, Green Drop Manager.

The Green Drop story began when the team at Turanga Creek, a boutique Auckland vineyard, joined forces with other boutique organic vineyards, brewers and distilleries to distribute their products throughout New Zealand. Previously known as Turanga Creek Distribution, Green Drop is the first liquor distribution company dedicated to organic and independent producers. 

“We believe that the results of these hard working organic growers deserve to be recognised, and Green Drop’s mission is to showcase their   products to New Zealanders,” says Thomas Morton, Green Drop accounts manager.

“We are proud to have a company and a portfolio of beverages with the core value of sustainability, both in the business and the product,” he says.

Green Drop offers its services to the hospitality industry and to individuals. So next time you feel like a drink, choose Green Drop