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Abodo Wood – sustainable timber innovation

Typical timber exteriors are unsustainably sourced and are chemically treated with toxic preservatives. Their life cycle tends to be limited and usually preservative-treated timbers need to go to landfill for disposal.

All of Abodo Wood’s products are available without chemical and preservative treatments, meaning they can either be returned to the earth as mulch or burned for fuel.

Abodo Wood uses a patented thermal modification and grain orientation technology on its timber, making it more durable and stable, so that chemicals are not required. From the success of its technology, Abodo Wood has been able to extend its range of products that can boast the same claims. 

Already exporting its product to Asia, India, Europe and Australia, Abodo Wood hopes to further grow its reach by continuing to focus on the customer, while offering new solutions to meet their needs in an environmentally-aware way.

Abodo Wood is a finalist in the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards in the Renewables Impact category.