Agrissentials NZ Ltd

Agrissentials produces live, multi-mineral and microbial-rich organic fertilisers. The fertilisers are made from sustainably-harvested seaweed from pristine waters, fish waste and locally mined volcanic basalt. They do not leach into the water system.

Since 1995, Agrissentials’ aim has been to keep the agricultural sector thriving while ensuring healthy water and environment. Its mission is to try to get customers and conventional farmers to understand the benefits of nature-friendly farming. It has teamed up with organisations that spread the same message, such as BioGro, Organics Aotearoa New Zealand and Organic Dairy and Pastoral Group.

Agrissentials understands that just changing the fertiliser is not a silver bullet for a clean environment. That is why it also gives advice for better grazing management and offers three-year programmes. It does this consultation for free as it believes knowledge is power. It also sponsors the House of Science’s Land box which teaches New Zealanders about mineral cycles, leaching and soil microorganisms.

Agrissentials operates nationwide with its head office in Tauranga. It has an operation in California and plans on expanding into Australia in the future.

Agrissentials is a finalist in the Restoring Nature category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards