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AIMS Ltd – restorative management of pests

AIMS Limited’s subsidiary Feathergirl is the largest supplier of hand plucked peacock and turkey feathers in Australasia.

The business was established to stop the harsh ways in which pest species are controlled, typically by being poisoned and left to rot.

Feathergirl harvests feathers from pest species off farms around the Bay of Plenty. The birds are harvested from their roosts at night, so there is no stress on them, or farming operations. The dead birds are then brought to Feathergirl’s facility where they are hand plucked and then butchered. The feathers are sold through the website, while meat from the birds is shared out to the community. The bird frames go to feeding local pigs, so there is no waste. 

Feathergirl also teaches people how to hunt for food and to prepare meals from wild food through the website, public demonstrations and a newspaper column. The main aim of Feathergirl is managing pest species without the use of poison, so the animal can be seen as food and not just a pest.

AIMS is a finalist in the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards in the Peter Yealands Restorative Innovation category.