Andrew Fisher, EcoStock Supplies Ltd

Andrew is Managing Director of EcoStock Supplies which divertsfood waste from landfill. It salvages food to produce high-quality stock feed. Andrew is helping the food industry be more sustainable as well as reducing waste to landfill.

Since EcoStock began in 2007, Andrew and his team have diverted more than 240,000 tonnes of packaged and bulk food waste from landfill.   They have also created a high quality alternative to palm kernel extract for New Zealand farmers.

Andrew has worked hard over many years to build the EcoStock solution through greater mechanisation of his processing plant.  This has helped the recovery of foil and plastic wrapping for recycling and eliminated contaminants from entering the stock-feed channel.

Andrew is a pioneer in his field and a visionary thinker. He has set up a pilot anaerobic digestion plant to process food waste into fertiliser and biogas, the first of its type in New Zealand.

Andrew Fisher is a finalist in the Sustainability Superstar category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.