Andrew Fisher – Managing Director, EcoStock Supplies

Andrew pioneered ‘food-to-feed’ in New Zealand – diverting food waste from landfill and salvaging the food value to produce quality stock feed. He is now working on ‘food-to-fuel’.

In the 12 years Andrew’s company EcoStock Supplies has been operating, it has diverted more than 240,000 tonnes of food waste from landfill. In addition, EcoStock recovers more than 2000 tonnes of cardboard, plastic, metal and wood each year and sends it for recycling.

Andrew has committed his own personal resources and funds to achieve environmental change at scale. He constantly seeks ways to improve recovery rates so usable products don’t go to landfill. He takes his message into the community – into board rooms, offices and university students, as well as inviting people to visit EcosStock’s processing plant.

Andrew is now advancing plans for building New Zealand’s first commercial anaerobic digestion plant that will extract fuel from food waste, in a partnership with Pioneer Energy.