Anton Hutton, Z Energy

Anton, a retailer with Z Energy, has led the way with on-site recycling. He sets the bar when it comes to visible and robust leadership, matched by a tireless energy for keeping his entire team engaged.

Anton offered to be a pilot for the roll-out of on-site recycling at Z. This involved working with his suppliers, site staff and waste providers, trialling and reporting, and producing and sharing materials. Within 36 hours of finding out about Z’s sustainability plans, he’d enrolled all his site staff, made an implementation plan with his waste providers, had his skip bin removed and made signage to encourage recycling.

In the first month of the trial in 2012, Anton had reduced his site’s waste to landfill by a massive 89%. As a result, the company has now implemented recycling across the entire Z network, and managed by far the biggest privately-funded public recycling network in the country. He is now focused on a plastic bag-free New Zealand.

Anton Hutton is a finalist in the Sustainability Superstar category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.