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Auckland Council finalist story

Retrofit Your Home (RYH) is an Auckland Council programme to improve the environmental efficiency of housing. It aims to   make home heating, insulation and water saving improvements more accessible.

Homeowners can access up to $5,000 in (repayable) financial assistance towards retrofitting and upgrading their homes. This includes fire place removal; installation of ceiling and underfloor insulation, clean heating devices, water tanks and water efficient devices; and bathroom or kitchen mechanical extraction.

RYH is helping to educate the community about the impacts of energy consumption and the benefits of efficiency. It is also helping climate change mitigation, through increasing heating efficiency resulting in reduced electricity use and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change resilience is improved by increased energy security. Water efficiency is improved by reduced risk of flooding, water pollution and shortages. And rising fuel and heating costs are mitigated benefiting low income households.

To date, the initiative has provided $39.9 million in financial assistance to more than 12,700 households. It is estimated the programme has saved 27,021 MWh over the last five years and 12,700 retrofits have taken place. The annual energy savings generated through retrofit interventions is 354,896 KWh – equivalent to powering 43 homes for one year.