Auckland Council, TROW Group & Green Way

The partnership between Auckland Council, TROW Group, and Green Way is challenging the building industry to do things differently.

It is rare for contracting and demolition businesses to actively work together to get the best outcome for minimising waste, and to benefit their communities. Organisations that collaborate in the building industry usually do so because they have complementary engineering skills.

Removing a building typically involves mechanically smashing the building into pieces small enough to fit into a dump truck, using the assumption that it’s a better and faster method. TROW Group and Green Way have developed robust deconstruction techniques that deliver salvaged building materials to new destinations. The key role for Auckland Council has been to create ground-breaking contract specifications that enable motivated contractors to undertake these waste minimisation measures.

The partnership has established a learning pathway for industry to follow. To date, 310 tonnes of waste has been diverted from landfill with around 30 tonnes, mainly timber and building materials, provided to community-based organisations such as churches, maraes and schools.