Transformation Areas

This story reflects success in the highlighted areas.

Auckland Council’s Wai Care – water quality education for all

Wai Care is a water quality education, monitoring and action programme provided by Auckland Council for community groups, schools and individuals in the Auckland region.

Groups participate in a range of activities including freshwater quality monitoring, stream restoration, education and advocacy, to improve the health of their local waterways. Wai Care engages, connects and inspires a diverse range of audiences with the vision of ‘Together for Healthy Waterways’.

Through the programme, volunteers are provided with free training, monitoring equipment, restoration materials, educational resources, support and guidance from their Wai Care coordinator. The long-term goal is to enable communities to become guardians of their local waterways, and take action to protect and restore them.

Auckland Council is a finalist in the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards in the Restorative Impact category.