Transformation Areas

This story reflects success in the highlighted areas.

Better living at Hobsonville Point

Hobsonville Point is a new community development in West Auckland with a big vision. It sees itself becoming a sustainable community treasured by its people, and has set goals for quality urban development with an environmentally responsible focus.

The community aims to be one in which people are well-connected to each other and the environment in which they live. There has been an effort to create a community in which people can carry out most of their daily life locally, in terms of schooling, shopping, eating and socialising, while still being well connected to wider Auckland via bus, ferry and super-fast broadband services.

A Sustainable Development Framework was signed off by the Hobsonville Land Company Board in 2007. It set out a range of ambitious indicators for 2021, and with 150 of the 3000 homes now occupied, the results are already showing. Residents use 28% less electricity and 30% less water than the Auckland average; 13,000 native trees have been grown on-site using locally-sourced seeds; and 76% of construction waste was diverted from landfill through off-site sorting. Socially, it’s also proving a success: in terms of the Auckland average, more people travel to work or study by bus, as a passenger, or by bicycle; feel their neighbourhood has a strong sense of community; and feel safer in their neighbourhood. Even in its early stages, the development is proving a great place both for our environment and residents. 

Hobsonville Land Company was a finalist in the Community Impact category of the 2013 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards.