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Bird on a Wire – changing perception of fast food

Bird on a Wire is a free range rotisserie that is the first takeaway chicken shop in Auckland to use free-range chicken. It supports the communities it operates in by purchasing all its produce from local sources.

The company is driven by four key sustainability initiatives: providing nutritious food at an accessible price; supporting the local community; working with like-minded companies throughout the supply chain; and offering employment and coaching to those who need it.

Ethical sourcing drives Bird on a Wire’s menu and the company uses local and organic ingredients wherever possible. Passionately advocating healthy food for everyone, it operates with a lower profit margin to ensure anyone in their community can afford to buy a quick and healthy dinner for their family.  

Bird on a Wire has donated thousands of dollars’ worth of product, money and vouchers to local schools, charities and retail neighbours. It plans to open one store in a new location every year to support and encourage the growth of local food industries and community organisations. The team is passionate about creating a market-leading hospitality business that changes the perception of the fast food and takeaway industry.

Bird on a Wire is a finalist in the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards in the Community Impact category.