Blue Cars  

Blue Cars’ founding purpose was to accelerate smart transport in New Zealand.  It began in 2015 with two rental electric vehicles (EVs) on Waiheke Island so people could try one out, and this rapidly grew, expanding to Auckland, Whangarei and Christchurch.

In 2016 Blue Cars started its own specialist EV parts and service workshop, the first in New Zealand. It embarked on researching technologies and training people in the skills necessary to sustain a future 100% electric transport industry.

One of these research projects was the development of a battery upgrade that doubles the useful life of every electric vehicle, and significantly improves carbon savings. The first Nissan Leaf battery swap in NZ took place in 2017.  That year, Blue Cars won the ‘SME EV Champion of the year’ at EV World. Blue Cars also supports marine and bus electric conversions.