Transformation Areas

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Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust – creating a community wind farm

Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust engages with local residents to find sustainable climate change solutions. In 2009 the Trust partnered with the Ākina Foundation to create the Blueskin Wind Cluster Project.

If it meets its funding goal it will be able to power 1000 Blueskin households with a renewable energy source. The generation will come from three turbines and the energy will be transported to Dunedin.

A community wind farm is the first of its kind in New Zealand. The project has access to limited resources and is mostly run from volunteers. Success will result in the project being duplicated in other locations and the income generated will go back into the Trust to further develop existing initiatives and create new ones.

Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust is a finalist in the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards in the Renewables Innovation category.