Established in the Wairarapa in 1942, Breadcraft has always had a passion for doing things differently. It has launched the first mainstream food products containing hemp and cricket flour into New Zealand supermarkets: Rebel Bakehouse wraps.

Sustainably-sourced, environmentally-friendly proteins are the future of food if the world is to meet the challenge of feeding future generations. Rebel Bakehouse was created in response to that vision. By introducing hemp and crickets into foods we eat every day, such as wraps, Breadcraft has sparked conversations about how we can reduce our environmental footprint. By creating a more sustainable source of protein in bread products, it is helping transform our local food systems.

Breadcraft has built a pilot cricket farm in Wairarapa to produce local, low-impact sustainable protein. By turning waste bread from the bakery into a feed for the crickets, it is reducing food waste.

Rebel Bakehouse wraps are stocked by more than 90 supermarkets nationwide and Breadcraft has produced more than 500,000 wraps.