ChargeNet NZ

ChargeNet NZ is the only nationwide provider of charging solutions for electric vehicles. It is the largest privately owned and operated DC fast charging network in the Southern Hemisphere.

An effective network relies on strong and reliable partnerships. ChargeNet NZ partners with 18 electricity suppliers, 17 local and central government departments, 14 corporate entities and 3 not-for-profit organisations. It has also partnered with electricity retailers that supply 100% carboNZero certified electricity, such as Ecotricity.

ChargeNet NZ’s founders created the Better NZ Trust to educate people on contributing to a more sustainable New Zealand. The Trust’s #LeadingTheCharge campaign promotes the uptake of EVs.

Currently there are more than 50 charging stations on the network. This has enabled a seamless nationwide network for electric vehicle drivers in New Zealand. The aim is to add one new charger to the network every fortnight.