Christchurch International Airport

Christchurch International Airport has pioneered the use of a large-scale New Zealand-designed system that heats and cools the building using a water reservoir below the terminal. This is a world first.

The Airport recognised that simply adopting the latest technology would not automatically mean the terminal was operating as sustainably as possible. Instead the company invested time and effort to continually refine operations and maximise efficiency.

Since the new terminal opened in 2013 the Airport has worked hard to cut total energy use. In the past year alone it has saved more than 6%. Since the 2012 financial year, carbon emissions have been cut by 22%.

Christchurch Airport has worked with consultant Enercon, which conducted a detailed energy audit, and with the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) on a collaboration agreement. By January 2018, the Airport will have achieved more than 10% in energy savings, more than twice the target set by EECA. This has been achieved at a time of record passenger numbers.

Christchurch Airport is a finalist in the Efficiency Champion category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.