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Congratulations AgriSea, Community Impact award winner

AgriSea Seaweed shows how business can give back to community, with a number of community initiatives designed to strengthen and develop their community.

AgriSea is concerned about the health of the environment and the health of future generations. By manufacturing safe products that have integrity, and by being engaged with education, AgriSea contributes to changing people’s attitudes to improve the future for our children’s children.

AgriSea takes corporate responsibility seriously, and it is committed to supporting communities locally and nationally across a range of ventures. These include sponsoring Enviroschools’ Maori liaison person; being sole funder of a six year research project on the environmental effects of seaweed wild harvest on a marine coastal ecosystem at Waihau Bay; and sponsoring Maori students at Bay of Plenty Polytechnic to become marine scientists.

In its Paeroa community, AgriSea has two large marquees and large BBQs for use in the community (free of charge) for a wide range of events, including Lions Club fundraisers, sports events, marae use, birthdays and weddings.

AgriSea is proud to be the biggest investor in biological product research and environmental research in its field. AgriSea is also committed to investing heavily back into the business. This investment includes product and environmental research to ensure the long term sustainability of the seaweed resource, and a management framework that will develop a long-term sustainable seaweed industry for NZ.

Internally, AgriSea pays a living wage and has a family-friendly policy that encourages parents to spend time with their children. This has resulted in committed, talented staff who seek constant improvement in business systems to be able to better serve their customers.

Sustainability for AgriSea is therefore not just an academic exercise, but a ‘lived reality’ that underpins every business decision.  Economic sustainability is important, and the company’s vision is to become a mainstream option for the horticultural and agricultural sectors by 2020.  

AgriSea won the Community Impact award at the 2014 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards.