Conscious Consumers

Conscious Consumers aims to create a world where businesses prioritise people and the planet. It connects consumers with businesses doing good.

The world first Good Spend Counter is the heart of Conscious Consumers’ communication platform. Consumers create a profile on a free smartphone app and their values are communicated to businesses through their purchases.

Businesses track consumer spending, and gain insights into what their customers care about. Businesses can also reward customers for their good spending. The platform enables businesses to get accredited for their sustainable practices. Once accredited, businesses can target automated marketing to consumers via the app.

The Good Spend Counter has been promoted through campaigns in the media, social media, blogs and videos. In April 2017, 10,000 consumers had registered their values on the platform.

Conscious Consumers is a finalist in the Communicating for Change category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.