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Dorothy Wilson – a lifetime legacy of sustainability

An educator, author and leader in sustainability, Dorothy has been promoting, developing and facilitating sustainability for 30 years with a record for creating long-lasting change.

Her roles have ranged from 12 years as Deputy Mayor of Waitakere City to creating far-reaching community initiatives, developing long-lasting relationships with iwi, and master-minding strategies to put Auckland on a sustainability pathway.

Dorothy’s record in creating long-lasting change for sustainability is hard to match and speaks for itself. She is described by Sir Bob Harvey as a pocket-dynamo. Dorothy’s leadership and guidance led to the branding of Waitakere as the ‘Eco City’ and initiatives such as the award-winning Project Twin Streams. Dorothy has continued to weave sustainability goals into the city’s future with a stand-out example being Auckland Council’s ‘Zero Waste by 2040’ target. This far-reaching waste plan will revolutionise Aucklanders’ attitudes, so that waste is seen not as the end of its life cycle but as a resource to be recovered, reused and recycled.

A large part of Dorothy’s success is in matching environmental and community initiatives to provide long-term sustainability goals.  Her career has left a legacy of deep and advanced thinking about the role and vision that sustainability needs to take in the years to come.

Dorothy’s work will result in more cyclists riding the streets and cycle ways of West Auckland, householders sending less waste to landfill, cleaner streams and young people striving for more sustainable lives.  She has also been instrumental in helping central and local government better understand a Maori world view. This has resulted in richer plans and projects for all communities.

Dorothy is a finalist in the Sustainability Champion category of the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards