Dung Beetle Innovations

Intensification of farming has contributed to the contamination of much of our once pristine rivers and lakes. Dung beetles offer a natural solution to improve soil health and water quality.

Dung beetles revitalise soil biology and soil structure by digging tunnels in the soil and back-filling them with fresh manure from the pasture surface. This significantly reduces contaminated surface runoff. Their rapid burial of virtually all fresh manure offers a natural solution and can help rehabilitate New Zealand’s waterways.

The foundation of Dung Beetle Innovations in 2014 is enabling the large-scale deployment of dung beetles into New Zealand’s pastoral ecosystem. The beetles are contributing towards the restoration of New Zealand’s natural environment.

Dung Beetle Innovations is dispatching beetles across the entire country, with colonies now establishing from Northland to Southland.

Since its foundation, Dung Beetle Innovations has gained support from the Ministry of Primary Industries, Environmental Protection Authority, NZ Beef and Lamb, Federated Farmers and several regional councils, as well as individual landowners and catchment groups.