ECOLight / Kiwi Property

ECOLight and Kiwi Property have worked collaboratively across a range of LED projects. They have opened the way for all commercial buildings to install LED lighting.

Together, the two companies are providing cost-effective LED lighting with built-in motion and daylight sensors, as well as retrofitting inefficient lighting. The costs support an exceptional commercial two-year payback period, saving 50-80% on energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Key projects have included replacing fluorescent lights in carparks with new LED fittings that include built-in motion and daylight sensors. This results in lights only turning on to full power when required. It maximises efficiency and increasing the products’ life span.

Kiwi Property and EcoLight have replaced 7,710 light fittings in Kiwi Property’s portfolio with LEDs. This is saving 271 tonnes of CO2 annually. By refurbishing existing fittings, the custom-retrofit LED panel solution significantly reduces waste to landfill. One LED strip, over its lifetime, replaces 37 fluorescent light tubes. It saves 50-80% of a building’s electricity usage and maintenance costs.

The Kiwi Property LED project provides demonstration sites throughout NZ for other property management companies to follow suit.

EcoLight/Kiwi Property is a finalist in the Revolutionising Energy category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards