EcoStock Supplies

EcoStock collects 35,000 tonnes a year of pre-consumer food waste that would otherwise be dumped at a landfill, and processes it into nutritious stockfeed or compost. The initiative supports a circular economy, reduces food waste and facilitates sustainable agricultural practices.

Food waste is collected from more than 140 New Zealand businesses, which helps them achieve their sustainability goals. Over the past 12 years $40 million of stockfeed has been sold, diverting 240,000 tonnes from landfill.

EcoStock’s auditing application, EcoTrack, helps clients save money and raw materials – and reduce carbon footprints. It tracks food waste types, quantities and sources, and pinpoints where and how supply chains and processes can be improved.

EcoStock is piloting ‘food to fuel’: creating biogas from the anaerobic digestion of food and organic waste to provide heat, energy, digestate and useful gases.

EcoStock will be a catalyst for more recycling projects.