Since its foundation in 1993, ecostore has been on a mission to help care for the world through responsible, safe products and ethical business practices. Key sustainability initiatives focus on packaging, the circular economy and climate change.

Renewable sugar plastic is used for packaging instead of petrochemical plastic. In addition, 99% of packaging is recyclable. ecostore is rolling out refill stations across New Zealand, with 60 so far. As part of a five-year circular economy plan, the company is working on a scalable closed-loop packaging return system.

ecostore is addressing climate change through the use of renewable materials; emissions reduction and offsetting; energy management; and manufacturing efficiencies. It plans to improve emissions by 1% per $1 of revenue year on year, using 100% renewable materials and making decisions based on lifecycle analysis. Since moving to sugar plastic, almost 4,500 tonnes of carbon have been saved from release.