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Electric bikes: power through stealth environmentalism

The Electric Bike Hub’s bikes are no ordinary two-wheelers. While the eZee electric bike looks and feels like an everyday bike, it contains a removable, rechargeable battery that makes those steep hill climbs or long trips that much easier.

The bike is perfect for longer errands and excursions, and allows the cyclist to arrive fresh at his or her destination, meaning it truly provides a zero-emission transport alternative.

The company, based in both Nelson and Auckland, has been operating for 11 years and subscribes to a “stealth environmentalist” approach to its operation. The company has shied away from telling its consumers what they “should” be doing for the environment; instead, the company believes in supplying a product that is fun, healthy, economical and enjoyable. The environmentally-friendly aspect of the bikes is marketed as just one of many benefits to the consumer, and the less doctrinal approach has proved successful. The company now supplies hundreds of bikes for private and governmental use – a prime example of a green technology that stands on its own merits in the marketplace. 

Electric Bike Hub was a finalist in the Renewables Impact category of the 2013 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards.