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Energy and Technical Services Ltd finalist story

Energy and Technical Services (ETSL) is one of New Zealand’s leading providers of energy and utility management services. It has created the Benefits Protocol, a ‘rulebook’ for financially valuing the impact of energy and sustainability actions.

The Benefits Protocol comprises 22 categories, including savings from video conferencing, waste management, transitioning company fleets to electric vehicles, LED lighting retrofits and more.

The internationally unique concept allows people to see the value that sustainability delivers in terms they can easily comprehend (savings in dollars and reductions in carbon dioxide emissions). It also provides a communication channel for people to see how they contribute to an organisation’s sustainability transition.

Overall the Benefits Protocol has significant scope to save New Zealand billions of dollars in imported petroleum and meet or exceed its greenhouse gas reduction targets. It has been adopted by Parliamentary Service and Massey University.

Energy and Technical Services Ltd received a Commendation in the Mega Efficiency Innovation category of the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards