Flip the Fleet

Flip the Fleet aims to accelerate uptake of Low Emission Vehicles (LEVs) in New Zealand by measuring and communicating their performance and benefits.

Anyone can enroll free of charge, and every month upload metrics from their LEV’s dashboard to a communal database. The software then calculates and reports metrics such as return on investment, trends in efficiency, battery state of health, and greenhouse gas emissions avoided. Users are alerted if their vehicle is performing poorly, or affirmed if they are leaders.

By using this ‘citizen science’ approach, Flip the Fleet is leveraging the passion and experience of early adopters. Uncertainty and lack of knowledge prevent many people from buying LEVs. By pooling data, Flip the Fleet brings the debate onto an evidential and scientific footing. The company connects users, business and policy makers. It launched in June 2017 and hopes to have monthly data from over 1000 LEVs by June 2018.

Flip the Fleet is a finalist in the Smarter Transport category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.