Transformation Areas

This story reflects success in the highlighted areas.

Fonterra Edendale site

In just one year, a team of around 1000 people has built four new plants at Fonterra’s 133-year-old Edendale site – Milk Protein Concentrate, Reverse Osmosis, Milk Treatment, and Anhydrous Milk Fat – in a project called InteGreat.

The successful integration of the new plants with the old plants has resulted in improved overall efficiencies on site. As a result, Fonterra was able to avoid installing a new coal boiler.

By making improvements to the boiler instead of installing a new one, Fonterra avoided the use of approximately 17,000 tonnes of coal (lignite) per annum at the site. This avoided carbon emissions of approximately 23,500 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per annum from the use of this coal. 

Since 2003, the Edendale site has reduced its energy intensity by 48%. The energy efficiency improvements from Project InteGreat will contribute a forecast 2.77% improvement in energy intensity at the site this season. They will also help Fonterra achieve its energy intensity target: to reduce energy intensity by 20% by 2020, from a 2003 baseline.

Fonterra received a Commendation in the Mega Efficiency Impact category of the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.