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Fulton Hogan and Reid Technology – sustainably solving power supply issues

Fulton Hogan runs a state of the art laboratory to undertake research and monitor product and materials quality.

Over the past two years the laboratory has experienced several power outages, causing considerable inconvenience as a number of experiments had to be discarded. Instead of taking the approach of expanding the existing power supply from the grid, Fulton Hogan took a more creative and sustainable approach, choosing an emissions-free energy source.

After extensive research, it opted for a solar power (photovoltaic) system with a battery back-up.  They back up system intercedes when demand in the lab exceeds 40 kilowatts. This hybrid system gives the laboratory a much more reliable power supply with the capacity to expand with future demand.

The success of the system has resulted in collaboration with Reid Technology, which will use the innovation as a showpiece to other commercial entities to show how they can effectively and sustainably solve their power issues.

Fulton Hogan and Reid Technology are finalists in the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards in the Renewables Innovation category.