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Generation Zero: communicating change effectively

The Congestion Free Network Campaign, a collaboration between Generation Zero, TransportBlog and the Campaign for Better Transport, was aimed at communicating a more efficient, cost effective and sustainable transport vision for Auckland.

New Zealand’s transport network makes up more than 20% of our total greenhouse gas emissions and almost 50% of our total carbon emissions.  Creating an intensive transport system with less carbon emissions in New Zealand’s largest city has huge implications in creating a more sustainable nation.

Generation Zero’s role in the campaign was to effectively communicate to the public in a way that was engaging and informative, and to build public support for the Congestion Free Network Alternative Transport Vision. The strategy included a mixture of mass volunteer mobilisation, network-based campaigning, media engagement and public advertising.

It is estimated that the campaign reached more than 150,000 people directly through conversations, flyers, posters, the website, advertising and media engagement (including 100 articles across the mainstream media spectrum in outlets like The New Zealand Herald, Campbell Live, TV1 Breakfast, The Sunday Star Times and the Dominion Post). 140,000 people viewed the website alone and with the media reach, it is estimated that Generation Zero reached more than 1 million people in total.

The impact of this campaign has been significant with a number of candidates in the 2013 Local Government Elections taking the Congestion Free Network into their campaign platform. Many of these people were elected to the Auckland Council or Local Boards across the city.

In addition, the Congestion Free Network Campaign has changed the debate around Auckland’s transport future with many people being more supportive of this sustainable transport vision.  This has resulted in Auckland Transport addressing the potential of the Congestion Free Network, undertaking transport modelling on its existing plan with very positive outcomes.

 Generation Zero won the Communicating Sustainability category, and were finalists in the NZI Greatest Contribution to a Sustainable New Zealand at the 2014 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards.