Transformation Areas

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Generation Zero: Creating a sustainable future through digital communications

Generation Zero, a youth-led organisation, was founded to provide solutions for New Zealand to cut carbon pollution through smarter transport, liveable cities and independence from fossil fuels.

With no budget or legal team, Generation Zero developed and implemented a campaign in support of Auckland’s proposed Skypath project – a cycling and walking route over the Harbour Bridge.

Generation Zero used three communication drivers to ensure the effectiveness and engagement of the campaign:

  1. Submissions had to be quick and easy to do.
  2. Social media platforms were used effectively.
  3. The issue had to be clearly and simply explained.

The campaign generated over 11,000 submissions and was instrumental in having the Skypath approved by Auckland Council.

Generation Zero has shown that online conversations and social media campaigns can create impact and change as well as empower people to create a sustainable future.

Generation Zero is a finalist in the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards in the Cadence Communicating Sustainability category.