Geoff Bold, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Geoff is driving sustainability action and behaviour change across Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. His attitude and effort go well beyond his day job as Senior Clinical Research Scientist.

Geoff co-chairs the Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Product Stewardship Initiative, a collaboration with five District Health Boards. It is focused on researching and implementing a circular economy in the healthcare sector.

He is also the company’s resident expert on all things related to electric vehicles. Geoff has single-handedly driven the installation of electric vehicle chargers on-site at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, with the capacity to charge 10 cars. He has instigated electric vehicle awareness days, with a total of 18 electric cars on-site at the most recent event.

Geoff Bold is a finalist in the Sustainability Superstar category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.