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Georgina Langdale: Nature provides, so we should give back

Founder of Archeus, an eco-conscious skin-care business that gives back to the environment and also designs pet care products, Georgina Langdale, originally from Hawkes Bay, crafted her career overseas.

With impressive international experience, Georgina returned home with the desire to make a difference here in New Zealand. Drawing on her experiences, Georgina is able to see the bigger picture, with a global perspective and a local focus. It’s this ability that has helped her carve a true vision for Archeus moving forward for greater sustainability.

The standout accomplishment of Georgina’s career is her work on the global United Nations study, The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity. The purpose of the study was to convince governments and business the true value of nature. Since the study was released, over 20 countries have followed its suggestions to shape policies and incorporate the values of nature into their societies. Two of the world’s biggest economies, Brazil and India, were among the first to take action and implement nationwide changes. 

This is just one example of the wealth of experience Georgina is drawing on to make an impact locally in New Zealand. As well as developing Archeus, she has consulted many organisations on how to become more environmentally sustainable, including the Department of Conservation and Treasury. She has also started a conservation trust in Hawkes Bay with the goal of improving the landscape around the bay.

Georgina’s ever-committed journey to promoting nature and sustainability makes her a true sustainability champion. Her mantra is “Nature provides, so we should give back,” speaks volumes for her intentions.

Georgina is a finalist in the Sustainability Champion category of the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.