Transformation Areas

This story reflects success in the highlighted areas.


GHD has repurposed and restored an old motorway off-ramp in central Auckland into a vibrant urban space. One kilometre of infrastructure in the Central Motorway Junction has been transformed into a cycleway and walkway.

The project comprises a steel orthotropic bridge, re-use and re-purpose of a redundant motorway off-ramp with 3m high screens (giving city and harbour views), installation of 290 interactive feature lights (with motion sensors), face recognition CCTV cameras, magenta surfacing, canopy landscaping and Maori artwork in the form of steel carvings.

The cycleway offers a safe, economic, and attractive alternative to transport. With better access to the city, people are encouraged to change their mode of transport to cycling or walking. 100,000 cycle trips were recorded within the first four months.

GHD has set the precedent for sustainable, renewable modes of transport by repurposing a piece of infrastructure, that would have otherwise been demolished, and transforming it into something unique.

GHD is a finalist in the Restorative Innovation category of the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.