IncaFé Organic Coffee

IncaFé Organic Coffee is a New Plymouth-based roastery and green bean trader. Its aim is to be as sustainable, ethical and equitable as a business can be.

Since 2006 it has worked closely with the cooperative Coopchebi in Peru. It pays Coopchebi above Fairtrade prices and focuses with them on producing high-quality specialty coffee suited to manual small-scale organic growing. It co-funds sustainable education programmes in local schools and is setting up a roastery in Peru with the growers to provide another source of income for them.

IncaFé was the first roaster to be fully organic and Fairtrade certified in New Zealand, and the first roaster to be carboNZero certified in 2008.

All emissions are offset, both in New Zealand and in Peru, and branded packaging will soon be compostable. IncaFé manufactures more than 300 tonnes of Organic Fairtrade coffee, making it the largest NZ-owned organic coffee roaster.