Transformation Areas

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Kiwibank and Banqer

Kiwibank and Banqer strongly believe that Kiwi kids need to be more financially capable to be confident and thrive in today’s world. Together they have built a programme that is in 1000 classrooms across New Zealand.

The impact of this partnership will reach more than 30,000 children. They recently reached a milestone of helping 10,000 kids learn.

The Banqer platform is introduced by the teacher and integrated alongside other classroom activity, becoming an online banking system that enables children to manage their own finances. Children navigate a colourful dashboard that allows them to set up their own bank account, transfer money, pay tax and track their spending, alongside a suite of other tools and learning modules.

NZ consumer credit debt and pay-day lending are just two of the issues they hope to minimise. They hope that kids can understand how the decisions they make today impact their tomorrow, and see the benefits of this.

Banqer is now used by more than 240 schools nationwide. This makes it the most widespread ongoing financial education resource for primary and intermediate schools in New Zealand. By establishing this partnership, Kiwibank and Banqer have the ambitious goal of creating a generation of school leavers who are more financially capable than ever.

Kiwibank and Banqer received a Commendation in the Community Innovation category of the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards