Transformation Areas

This story reflects success in the highlighted areas.


Sustainability is in the DNA of Kokako. Established in 2001, it was the first solely organic coffee company in Auckland.

It has always tried to find innovative and sustainable ways to package its ethically sourced products. Most importantly, it wants to influence others to follow its lead, and sees communication as an essential tool to enable this.

Kokako has constantly worked towards creating awareness among consumers and workplaces about the environmental, social, health and quality benefits of Fairtrade, organic coffee and drinking chocolate. It aims to influence cafés and retailers to stock more of these products and spread the word.

Kokako’s communication channels include social media (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook), a website, blog, newsletter, PR and media, events and café visits. Through these communication channels Kokako reaches up to 977,000 people annually.

Since 2012, Kokako has purchased over 100 metric tonnes of quality Fairtrade organic coffee and it is incredibly proud of the benefits this has had for growers and their families. It works closely with cooperatives in Papua New Guinea and is actively engaged with growers at the origin.

This year Kokako will release its first sustainability report to encourage others to follow its lead, as well as to identify areas for further improvement.

Kokako is a finalist in the Cadence Communications Communicating Sustainability category of the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards