Little Yellow Bird

Little Yellow Bird supplies corporate uniforms and ethical clothes to businesses, providing ethical employment and education opportunities for workers in developing countries.

The company is committed to ethical manufacturing. It is working to improve social conditions for people throughout the supply chain, ensuring full transparency and traceability of products, minimising negative environmental impacts, and raising awareness of ethical and sustainable fashion.

Little Yellow Bird is a certified B Corp and an Accredited Living Wage Employer. All workers in the supply chain are paid fairly for the work they do, from cotton farms to the factory floor. Profits are re-invested into community development projects around education, sanitary needs, and healthcare of cotton farm communities.

The supply chain is fully transparent. Every item of clothing is tracked from source to sale. The company sources organic rain-fed cotton and promotes its benefits, from reducing reliance on water to eliminating the need for chemical pesticides.

Founded in 2015, Little Yellow Bird supplies more than 400 organisations with their uniforms and branded products. This number has doubled in just one year and business is growing.