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Lovenotes launches The 1 Million Milestone: a challenge to reuse paper

Lovenotes has launched a challenge to see one million pieces of waste paper ‘refreshed’ into personalised business stationery.

A service provider that turns workplace waste paper into reusable stationery, Lovenotes provides its service to more than 65 workplaces in Auckland, and has refreshed more than a quarter of a million pieces of paper by turning them into over 10,000 notebooks to be used in offices, cafes, and workplaces across the city.

“We are using The 1 Million Milestone to celebrate how the small things our partners do are collectively generating remarkable impacts. By creating this challenge, we are encouraging workplaces across Auckland to sign up to the service and be another player in the game,” says Lovenotes founder Amanda Judd.

In collaboration with three local artists, The 1 Million Milestone will celebrate the journey through a nostalgic themed infographic scoreboard, showcasing the progression to one million pieces of reused paper.

More than 400 employees have participated in the Lovenotes service to date. Their direct actions have saved over 3,800,000 litres of water and 24 trees, simply by using stationery made from their own waste paper.

Partners signed up to the Lovenotes service report that staff become enthusiastic, passionate, and ignited to do more when involved with the paper upcycling programme.

The 1 Million Milestone will amplify these impacts by engaging people as players in a game of thriving workplaces Auckland wide,” says Amanda.

Lovenotes begins with a simple idea – reusing workplace waste paper and turning it into notepads, notebooks, and everyday stationery. By signing up for the Lovenotes service, organisations are contributing to a new and dynamic way of refreshing, reusing, and recycling in the office.

To find out more about the Lovenotes service and participate in The 1 Million Milestone, click here.