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Malcolm Rands: 'Ecoman' and Sustainability Champion

Congratulations to Malcolm Rands, founder of ecostore, who was awarded Sustainability Champion at the 2014 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards.

Malcolm Rands is co-founder and CEO of ecostore Company Ltd, which he started from his home basement in a permaculture village in rural Northland. His mission is to make it easy for people to make a difference to the environment and their own health by providing a range of safe and effective everyday products.  

Not only are Malcolm’s own business practices sustainable, but the products ecostore produces are good for both the environment and people’s health.  Chemicals like Triclosan, Parabens and SLS, which are used in many household products, are not included in any ecostore products.  Every single ingredient is listed on product labels, even when not legally required. All of these approaches have meant higher costs, a huge investment in R&D and time delays in getting products to market, but they have helped make ecologically considerate products mainstream.  This makes his global success truly remarkable and an example that sustainable business can be effective and profitable.  

Thanks to the success of ecostore, funds are able to be directed to ecostore’s not-for-profit sister organisation, the Fairground Foundation. The Foundation fulfils Malcolm’s dream of being even more active in terms of education, stewardship and advocacy in the areas of sustainability and the restoration of our fragile environment.

Since 1998 Malcolm has also made it one of his priorities to help other businesses adopt sustainable practices and has inputted to conferences like the Better Boards Conference in Adelaide (2014), where he spoke about sustainability and alternative funding.

Malcolm has also published an autobiography, Ecoman. This has led to further business mentoring of those who have been inspired by his success story.