Mashbone Dog Treats

Mashbone Dog Treats are made from a waste product of the brewing process. The treats have no preservatives and fillers, so are good for dogs as well as the environment.

Mashbone is made from spent brewer’s mash, a by-product from Garage Project Brewery. Mash, which is made when barley is crushed and mixed with hot water, is a high fibre, high protein energy source. It can make up to 85% of a brewery’s total by-product, so reusing it drastically decreases overall waste. Mashbone is significantly expanding the lifecycle of the materials used to brew beer, preventing 100% of the by-product going to landfill.

Mashbone Dog Treats have been developed in consultation with food technologists and veterinary specialists from Massey University. They have been proven as a dietary supplement for bone and joint health.

Mashbone Dog Treats is a finalist in the Going Circular category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.