Medsalv reprocesses single use medical devices, to reduce both the alarming waste associated with healthcare, and the costs.

It takes medical devices that would ordinarily be destined for landfill after one use, checks them, cleans them, inspects and repackages them, and sells them back to hospitals at a fraction of the cost of new. It uses re-usable bags and cartons to collect and deliver the devices and recycles devices that are beyond repair.

Medsalv has increased the resource efficiency for devices it processes by 500% (five additional uses) and diverted almost all rejected device materials (those that cannot be reprocessed) away from landfill and into recycling. It has reduced the potential waste generated by more 84%.

The service also reduces the number of medical devices manufactured and shipped to New Zealand, reducing carbon emissions. High fidelity tracking systems have been implemented to monitor impact and improve efficiency.