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Mental Health Foundation – improving mental health for better business

The Working Well initiative is designed and run by the Mental Health Foundation to help organisations sustain optimal mental health for their employees.

The programme is based on evidence that shows a high level of positive mental health leads to positive life outcomes for employees and better business results.

Working Well is a comprehensive and holistic programme that builds wellbeing through the implementation of principles of diversity, inclusion, zero-tolerance for bullying and policy guidelines for effective management of mental health issues.

The initiative has been running for more than two years and the demand for its products and services continues to grow. So far Working Well has directly helped over 1,000 individuals and over 48 businesses to address mental health problems.

The impact of the initiative is both immediate and long-term, resulting in both business and individual improvements. By supporting and educating individuals the initiative has a carry-over effect into the wider community, helping create awareness and wellbeing.

Mental Health Foundation is a finalist in the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards in the Community Impact category.