Transformation Areas

This story reflects success in the highlighted areas.

Metal Art

The Metal Art Group designs, manufactures and sells street and park furniture to councils throughout New Zealand.

The overriding goal is to try and create a full circle recycling model throughout the country, where recycled material can be turned into usable products, e.g. street and park furniture, cycle ways, bridges and boardwalks.

The organisation has teamed up with Replas Australia to bring its range of recycled plastic products to New Zealand, and attempt to reduce council reliance on tropical hardwood and treated timbers. Since then, it has worked alongside the Packaging Forum and RED Group to establish a soft plastics recycling scheme.

Through Metal Art’s work councils now have an option of using a 100% recycled product in place of treated pine (in children’s playgrounds) or tropical hardwoods (in seats and picnic settings). In the past five years, 91,450kg worth of products has been supplied to approximately 36 councils. This equates to the equivalent of 22,862,500 soft plastic bags saved from going to landfill. Clive Bridge alone was constructed using the equivalent of 4,205,285 recycled plastic shopping bags.

Metal Art is a finalist in the Community Impact category of the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards